Pivot Strategic produced a road map for achieving the changes our industry needed, then gave us what we needed to implement it. Our staff and members have been consistently impressed with their understanding of government, expert advice, and ability to reach and persuade decision-makers. Most recently, the lobby days they arranged for us provided our members with an unprecedented number of meetings with senior government decision-makers. Pivot’s highly organized team made it all look easy.
— John Gorman, President and CEO, Canadian Solar Industries Assocation
Pivot Strategic’s efforts broke a seven-year regulatory logjam that prevented our industry from implementing new environmental technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They knew where the strategic leverage points were, as well as who to talk to and how.
— Michael McSweeney, President and CEO, Cement Association of Canada
Pivot Strategic positioned our business perfectly with government. Through their efforts, government came to understand our capacity to deliver cost-effective climate change solutions in the transportation sector.
— Lucio Angelucci, President, Canada Clean Fuels Inc.
I have worked with Aaron Freeman over the course of more campaigns and projects than I can count for nearly two decades. Aaron is always strategic and imaginative and makes the difference between success or failure. I’ve hired and re-hired him again and again because there’s nobody with a broader literacy on environmental policy and campaign and research techniques.
— Rick Smith, Executive Director, Broadbent Institute
Working across multiple jurisdictions in Canada, Pivot gave us a focused assessment of the political landscape and then opened all the right doors. The result: Concrete action at the provincial level, leveraging a national target and ultimately a tri-national agreement, representing a major GHG reduction initiative.
— Drew Nelson, Senior Manager, Natural Gas, U.S. Climate and Energy Program, Environmental Defense Fund
Drawing on a high degree of political acumen and years of experience, Aaron delivers thoughtful and constructive policy solutions across issues ranging from energy to infrastructure. He skillfully brings various sectors together to work effectively with government.
— Alex Phillips, Director of Stakeholder Relations, Office of the Premier of Ontario
Mr. Freeman is the director of policies and campaigns at one of the few environmental lobby groups that have led successful lobby campaigns with the Conservative government…As one insider noted, “They have clout and bring about outcomes.
— “The Top 100 Lobbyists,” The Hill Times, February 25, 2008
PivotMap allowed us to target our outreach with razor-sharp precision, hitting the neighbourhoods where the people we needed to reach lived. And the user-friendly interface meant that our campaigners could learn the tool in minutes, without any training in complex query languages.
— Jolan Bailey, National Organizer, Leadnow